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Once you access, browse or use the website, you hereby acknowledge your acceptance of all the terms and conditions of this Agreement, so please read this Agreement carefully before proceeding with and following the Terms of Use.

Using the Website

Fekman.com will give you the authority to use it for e-shopping purposes only and will not allow any other commercial use or any purpose other than e-shopping. You will be able to represent yourself legally in accordance with the Saudi Local Contract Law for e-commerce. Accordingly, minors (under the age of 18 years) may not use the website except under the supervision and guardianship of the parents or one of them, subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Except as permitted in the above paragraph, you are also not permitted to reproduce, distribute, sell, copy, transmit, translate, modify, reproduce, exploit, disassemble or reverse engineering any part or all of the content, content, Of the website unless it is declared in writing.

For example, it prevents the use of ideas, techniques, questions, comments, suggestions, evaluations and many more; you cannot make any commercial use of the information provided on the website or make any use of the website for another work because the information is not confidential and available to everyone on the website

This Agreement is valid and any breach thereof leads to the immediate cancellation of the license granted in this paragraph without your notice.

Dealing with the website information

Each time you use your login information (your login name and password), you will be deemed to be authorized to access and use the website in a manner consistent with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. As stated in the Privacy Policy, your data is subject to electronic protection by us, but you must protect and secure the confidentiality of your login information, and you shall be solely responsible for any posts or actions taken on the website, and if your information has been violated for any reason or by any method, you must immediately inform the management of fekman.com that you have been used unauthorized and not authorized by you to access information or any other breach.

On the other hand, the content and information of the website are all officially and fully owned by the website www.fekman.com.

According to the following conditions:

  1. You may not use content, information or any other material on the website in any way, whether by posting it out of the website or distributing and uploading it to other websites and sources.
  2. The trademark, trade secrets, or proprietary rights of the exclusive products of the website Fekman.com are not allowed to be infringed upon, as any such movement would bring you legal liability.
  3. Under local law, defamation or threat at the Website or its content in any inappropriate and offensive language is liable to legal accountability.

Online Posts

Unless otherwise stated elsewhere in this agreement or on the website, all of your posts on the website shall not be limited to the foregoing (assessments, comments, suggestions, etc.); it will be treated as a public, not confidential or intellectual property information to you, and by the name you post within these posts you acknowledge and warrant that you own or control all of what you post on our website.

By submitting one or all of them to the website, you agree to the irrevocable license to include such posts within the intellectual property rights of Fekman.com website (except for other rights such as copyright), in addition to the rights applicable to any post, the website Fekman.com may copy, distribute or publish it to other possible uses and that its use would not violate the rights of any third party.

You must ensure that all of your posts on the website, whether partial or complete, are completely free from any violation of any third party proprietary rights. Fekman.com website is not responsible for any abuse of any of these posts or copyright Or third party publishing. You hereby undertake to indemnify the third party in the manner recommended by law for any losses you may suffer due to misuse.

It is also important to note that you may not use or register any fake illegal mailing addresses that are not valid for use on the website, or use the addresses of others to participate on the website and to harm third parties for any reason.

Content Rights

All reflecting (content) of product information, product descriptions, advertising, designs, logos and others regarding the content of the products displayed on the website and all services provided through it; are fully owned by fekman.com. Website. You may not use any of them, whether by copying, transferring, publishing, selling or other uses for your benefit or for other sources, and is subject to copyright and trademark protection.

The content rights terms apply to part, parts, or all content.

But you can only use the content of the website of Fekman.com for e-shopping purposes, purchases and partnerships.

Typographical errors (pricing, quantities, content)

Fekman.com website offers all items at the lowest prices and in the quantities that meet customer demand; Note that displaying products on the website does not always mean that they are available in the warehouse.

In rare cases, errors may occur while entering product data and registering it on the website either in quantities or prices. Fekman.com website reserves the right to change and modify the prices or quantities, and therefore modify or cancel the order as it deems appropriate and fair and equitable. The invoice is also modified or canceled depending on the type of modification made on the order.

If you pay electronically, the total cost will be calculated and deducted from your credit card, and you will be notified by telephone or email that the purchase and payment process is correct.

If the typographical error has occurred in the content of the product, the website Fekman.com is authorized to modify this error at any time and to modify all its implications, whether from orders or financial matters.

Accept or cancel the order

The order will be accepted and shipped as soon as it is confirmed by a telephone call between the first party (Fekman.com) and the second party (the customer). Cancellation of the order is in certain cases; fekman.com reserves the right to cancel the order at its sole discretion, Below are some of the conditions in which the order is canceled:

  1. When the call is not answered by the second party (the customer) after 3 days from the date of the request.
  2. When one or more of the products is available within the order, and the customer does not respond to the incoming calls from Fekman.com website to notify him.
  3. If there is a typographical or unintentional error in the prices or quantities of one of the products, the entire procedure shall be taken on the order (amendment or cancellation) immediately and the customer will be notified and fekman.com reserves the right in its sole discretion. (Please review the typographical paragraph).

Transfer of products ownership

Products that you have purchased will be transferred to your property after completing the order acceptance and shipment process. Once the purchase order has been approved, It is released from the warehouse and packaged and delivered to the carrier (the shipping company); it becomes at your disposal and at your own risk as soon as you sign the receipt.

Cancel your Account on website

Fekman.com website reserves the right to cancel your account without prior notice, in case any of the above conditions are violated or under our Privacy Policy. You shall immediately cease access to the website or access to the Information, whether in part or in whole, noting that such termination is on the relevant rights and obligations of all parties prior to the Termination Date, for example (payment obligation).

E-communication and dial-up

As soon as you log in and register at the website Fekman.com, you agree to receive all emails through our e-mail, including periodicals, and to be contacted by telephone via the number registered in your information on the website.

Note that dial-up is only for tracking orders and the consequent other things (for example, shipping, providing new products, etc.)


The website may contain links or external links related to third parties and other websites. You acknowledge that the website Fekman.com is not responsible for the content of these links as it is only a transit website for these parties. Therefore, Fekman.com website has the authority to terminate these links at any time without prior notice or by adding other links.

Pricing in other currencies

Pricing at Fekman.com is based on the local currency of Saudi Arabia (Saudi Riyal). Note that pricing in other countries' currencies is applicable at any moment on the website, depending on the availability of the electronic sales service of these countries by Fekman.com, to be priced in local currencies of these countries.

Disputes and Judgments

In the event of arising any dispute of any kind between one of the parties at Fekman.com website and any other parties, including but not limited to (supplier, customer, etc.), the dispute shall be resolved in friendly and peaceful ways within a maximum period of 30, if all friendly methods fail, the dispute shall be referred to the Saudi Judiciary to take appropriate action in accordance with the E-Commerce laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Under the above terms of use, you agree to handle all problems and comply with the legal solutions offered by Fekman.com Website, in the event that any of the terms mentioned herein or under the Privacy Policy have been breached.

These solutions may include, for example, settlements and expenditures that will be agreed upon under Saudi law.

Product warranty

The business policy at Fekman.com is based on providing and sale of all original and high quality products only. Where the main sources of products are dealt with and imported directly in their home countries, or with the official agent authorized in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Product warranty at Fekman.com website includes electrical, electronic and mobile products; you have the right to review the website management only if you purchase one or more of these products, based on the warranty service provider as follows:

  1. Guarantee of product and quality of manufacturing, provided by our authorized agent in Saudi Arabia. Based on this, the customer has the authority to communicate directly with the agent and obtain warranty services in accordance with the regulations and rules.
  2. The warranty services are not the responsibility of Fekman.com website, but the services provided to the customer are fully under the responsibility of the authorized agent, and only if there is any problem on the product.
  3. Warranty Terms

    1. The product warranty period is (2 years), and if there is any problem with the product, you will have to check with the agent during this period.
    2. Warranty only covers the problem of manufacturer defect in the product, and depends on the service of replacement or return to the authorized agent only.
    3. Please note that the device's default life varies from one type to another. You should read the full product manual details or contact your authorized Agent to find out these details more widely.

    The following faults are excluded from the warranty service

    1. Misuse of the device in any way and lead to its failure.
    2. Do not follow the usage instructions or operating instructions when activating the device.
    3. The exposure of the device to the external factors lead to damage and disruption, such as exposure to high temperature or humidity, or the weights that break it, and other factors that affect it negatively.
    4. Trying to repair the device or change one of its pieces at unauthorized parties or other than our authorized agent.