Product warranty

The business policy at is based on providing and sale of all original and high quality products only. Where the main sources of products are dealt with and imported directly in their home countries, or with the official agent authorized in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Product warranty at website includes electrical, electronic and mobile products; you have the right to review the website management only if you purchase one or more of these products, based on the warranty service provider as follows:

  1. Guarantee of product and quality of manufacturing, provided by our authorized agent in Saudi Arabia. Based on this, the customer has the authority to communicate directly with the agent and obtain warranty services in accordance with the regulations and rules.
  2. The warranty services are not the responsibility of website, but the services provided to the customer are fully under the responsibility of the authorized agent, and only if there is any problem on the product.
  3. Warranty Terms

    1. The product warranty period is (2 years), and if there is any problem with the product, you will have to check with the agent during this period.
    2. Warranty only covers the problem of manufacturer defect in the product, and depends on the service of replacement or return to the authorized agent only.
    3. Please note that the device's default life varies from one type to another. You should read the full product manual details or contact your authorized Agent to find out these details more widely.

    The following faults are excluded from the warranty service

    1. Misuse of the device in any way and lead to its failure.
    2. Do not follow the usage instructions or operating instructions when activating the device.
    3. The exposure of the device to the external factors lead to damage and disruption, such as exposure to high temperature or humidity, or the weights that break it, and other factors that affect it negatively.
    4. Trying to repair the device or change one of its pieces at unauthorized parties or other than our authorized agent.